Michael Liendo

A story that I love but has no name

The history

You are bored at home, you feel empty because you do not have a person to give you emotional affection, your best friend visits you, he notices your decline, you tell him that your loneliness is due to the fact that nobody loves you, he motivates you to train so as not to depress you, but it doesn't change anything.

3 days go by, he comes with a friend, she looks shy, delicate and subtle, she catches your eye, you treat her politely before you get to know each other, you offer her something to drink, she accepts, your best friend stays in the she cooks and leaves them alone, she looks at her hands, she looks nervous, you ask her about her musical tastes, series and animals, she likes the same series as you, they establish a conversation, little by little the ice breaks, they become 8 o'clock and they have to leave, before saying goodbye she looks a little disheveled and you ask her permission to touch her hair, her eyes shine, she agrees with a smile, you know you did well.

The next day you visit her, they spend time getting to know each other and playing one, it's getting late, you invite her to the fair over the weekend, she accepts. You wait the rest of the week for the special day with excitement, the day arrives, you bathe, shave, dress well, and prepare your jokes along the way, you call her, she takes a while, you open the door and you see her, she's beautiful , you are stunned, mesmerized by her beauty, you become aware that you are drooling, you wipe yourself, she did not notice, you give her a subtle compliment, she smiles, she compliments you and you blush.

They arrive at the fair together, they ride rides, they buy two ice creams, they have the same favorite flavor, they are having fun, it is getting late, they know they have to go, but they stay a while longer, living in the moment, forgetting about their environment, being happy, you approach him carefully, you caress his cheek with the outer part of your fingers, it is soft, you start to tear up with emotion, he asks you why you are crying, you tell him that you yawned, but you know that it is not like that, you like it, and the amount of mixed emotions, made you cry with joy, you really like it.

You pay the bill, they are on their way home, they start talking about their previous dates, they tell about their experience with a boy who vomited in a movie theater, they laugh, their eyes meet, they feel the connection, you decide to put your hand close to the from her, you grab it, a motorcycle with two men stops, the man walks towards you, you stand in front of her, he asks for your phone number, you analyze the situation in a second, the man who was riding was armed, the The guy who was robbing you was looking at you with hate, you can't see her, but you feel her fear, he repeats that you give him the phone, you take it out quickly but subtly, the one who is riding says to ride them, he goes for the girl in the back, you Instinct makes you move and block the way, you get stabbed 3 times, she sees you, you hear how the motorcycle starts, you see how she yells for help, she is crying while holding your hand, everything starts to look blurry, you see the lights of a car dazzle you

You wake up, you are in a hospital, it was 2 am, you were unconscious for 7 days, you see that she is lying on a mattress, she is there, safe, healthy, you did well.

I read this story, I loved it and I saved it in notes, but here is a better place for other people to read, it's incredible...

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