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How to make Squash in Git?

How to squash in Git?

There are two ways that I know of to make squash, in this post I will show you both ways. But first I will tell you the definition of Squash

What is Squash?

Git squash, (“compress”), makes our branch to merge (to which we will make a pull request) be composed of a single commit in this way we will merge a single code commit to our development branch that will contain a functionality complete.

Now yes, to the steps

Standing on the branch we want to squash, now on the console we'll do

git log

will return


Something like that, from there we are going to copy the hash that is above origin/main, main in my case it is this b6adbbcd8f99935113cf1e24943736fb2c501e26


Then we're going to rebase

git rebase -i TU-HASH

in my case it is

git rebase -i b6adbbcd8f99935113cf1e24943736fb2c501e26

It will show you something like this, it will open the VIM editor


You will have to replace all the lines that say pick with squash or s except the first line

To write in VIM you must hit the i key

it will stay like this


Then we will press the Esc key twice


when doing that, you will have to type :wq and hit enter

There it will ask you for the final message for the compressed commit


You place the message, pressing i to type, then pressing Esc twice and typing :wq

And that's it, you already did Squash

Now you must to upload it to your repository, just write

git push -f

And ready, I'd be ready

The other way to do Squash

To do this, standing on the branch to make squash, he places

git reset --soft TU-HASH

Previously I explained how the hash is obtained

then you will

git commit --amend

The VIM editor will open, to put the final message of the commit, press i to type

Then you press Esc and type :wq to save and exit

Now with

git push -f

Your changes will be uploaded to your repository

If you do git log now, you should have 1 single commit above origin/main

with the name you gave him in ammend

Do not do git reset --hard unless you want to erase all your progress

Additional features

I recommend using Conventional Commits for your commit messages

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