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Tips for a cover letter

What is a cover letter or cover letter?

The cover letter is your cover letter addressed to the company you are applying to. This letter is intended to draw the reader's attention to your profile. It is very important that you customize your cover letter for the company and the specific position you are applying for. A generic cover letter will not go down well with recruiters!

You can follow these 6 steps to create an effective cover letter:

1. Greets

Go to the person who is leading your recruitment process or to the team of the company to which you apply.

2. Present yourself

Explain your profile and the tools or platforms you use for your work. Also tell the recruiter or recruiter what motivates you to join that company.

3. Match your skills with the vacancy

Name the vacancy you are applying for and briefly describe how your skills and experience match the requirements mentioned in the job description.

4. Call to action to know your experience

Invite the reader to learn more about your experience by reading your CV, Linkedin profile and your portfolio (for example, invite them to review your projects on Github).

5. Call to action to have an interview

Mention your availability and the means by which you prefer to be contacted for an interview.

6. Farewell

Close with a sentence encouraging the reader to respond to your communication.

Joining the previous points, the letter would look like this:

Hello Platzi team!

This is Jane Doe, Frontend developer with 2 years of experience working with HTML, Javascript, CSS and React.

I know Platzi's work and as a software developer I would love to participate in the continuous improvement of a product that impacts and drives the lives of the population of Latin America, bringing technology knowledge in an easy and fun way to learn.

I applied to the "Rockstar Developer" job posted on your career site. My experience has allowed me to develop the frontend for optimized and user-friendly online platforms. In my CV I describe how I have done it and the tools I have used. To give you a better idea of what I am talking about, I invite you to review my Github profile.

I would love to have an interview. My availability to receive phone calls is Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

He was waiting for your confirmation for the interview.

Jane Doe


Now that you know how to write a cover letter… You can attach it to the application email along with your CV. In case the company does not require a cover letter, you can use the same structure that you learned here to write the body of the email that accompanies your CV.

The 6-step structure is very versatile. I recommend you use it and modify it to communicate effectively during your recruitment process.

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